Technology Innovation & Management for a Circular Economy

The transition towards a circular economy has been rapid over the last four years. This course provides industrial professionals with the knowledge and skills to manage the transition of their organisation towards a circular economy.

Key Features

Who is it for?

This course aims to provide industrial professionals with technological knowledge, system-level understanding and personal competency to design, evaluate and implement transformational solutions for the future.


Why this course?

Our changing economy is placing ever-greater demands on the skills and expertise of the workforce and up-scaling of new models relies largely on the ability to equip our current and future leaders with the skills to adapt, innovate, and flourish. There will be a need for cross-curricular, multi-disciplinary learning, connecting designers with engineers, material scientists, anthropologists, marketers and business students in order to harness sustainability as a transformational force.


Your teaching team

You will be taught by a wide range of subject specialists from Cranfield with support from industrial professionals, who draw on their expertise and industrial experience to provide stimulating and relevant input to the learning experience of the course.


Course details

The course will be delivered through a combination of face-to face and online teaching. The course will adopt a thematic approach to teaching and learning to enable cross-disciplinary learning to meet course learning objectives.


Group project

Group projects provide teams of students with the opportunity to take responsibility for a consultancy type project, usually with an industrial sponsor.


Individual project

The final individual thesis project takes up the remainder of the course.  It allows students to demonstrate their ability to think and work in an original way and overcome genuine problems in design, supported by external organisations.



Taught modules 40%, Group projects 20%, Individual project 40%

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