Develop your business with in-company training

How can you help your business and employees reach their full potential? Have you considered in-company training, tailored to your business needs?


Our insight is rooted in our powerful industry links, world-class research and what works in practice. As such, we can make a real difference to you and your organisation, whether you are a multi-national company, a growing SME or a small start-up. Benefit from having tailored-made courses specific to your business needs, at a time and place that suits you. We can provide anything from a half-day workshop, to intensive week-long training, informed by the latest research and delivered by leading experts in the field. 

Our academics often come from industry, and our research and education is geared to making a practical difference in the world. Cranfield has relationships with around 1,500 organisations through partnerships and applied research projects, and is ranked #1 in the UK in terms of industry income per academic. So whether it's a refresher session on key areas of understanding and practice, or a briefing on the latest innovations and developments in creative design, strategy and leadership, give your business and employees the cutting edge. 

Find out below which training courses are available:

Technology Innovation and Management for a Circular Economy

The transition towards a Circular Economy has been rapid over the last four years. Our circular economy teaching team can provide industrial professionals with the knowledge and skills to manage the transition of their organisation towards a circular economy.

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Design Thinking and Breakthrough Innovation

Utilising a design thinking and breakthrough innovation approach we can guide your business on how to implement strategic thinking in order to solve problems and uncover new insight.

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Bespoke Training Course

Our experts from C4D can support your business or organisation by delivering bespoke training in the topic areas of: Design Thinking, Circular Innovation, Material Product Design, Analysis and Testing and Sustainability Business Development. 

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