Data-Driven Innovation

"Today our trust in machines has moved beyond doing something, to deciding what to do, and when to do it. We are starting to be surrounded by autonomous agents”

Rachel Botsman - Who can you trust - How technology brought us together and why it might drive us apart


Every day we share our personal data through the use of digital technology, producing roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes a day. The world is becominging more connected with the increase of electronic devices connected to the Internet. According to the OECD, the value for big data is $USD 17 billion and is expected to grow at a rate of 40%. Despite the potential of using big data for the delivery of improved value propositions, enhanced efficiency of manufacturing processes; and discovering latent customer needs, big data is failing to provide with the type of unquantifiable insights from actual people that could help inform business decisions and drive meaningful innovations.

The Data-Driven Innovation CoP sits within the established Cranfield Centre for Competitive Creative Design (C4D); a rapidly expanding, pan-University facility that works in collaboration with a national and international network consisting of academics, industrial and Governmental professionals. At the CoP, we try to better understand the nature of people’s aspirations, to develop an emotional language that can be embedded into product and service development and delivery. The CoP has a high level of expertise in implementing qualitative approaches within collaborative research on quantitative data and data analytics, to unlock the hidden insights that could transform businesses. We seek the most creative individuals, from diverse backgrounds such as mathematics, data analytics, and human-centred research and from across our MSc programmes, PhD community and directly from industry, to explore their capabilities to uncover the real power of data.

We support the other communities of practice within C4D – Circular Innovation, Materials Innovation and Breakthrough Innovation by providing resources that could identify commercial opportunities and value creation activities through different streams of data, identify use patterns, user behaviour and user preference to design interventions and to find solutions that could address intellectual property and data security issues.

The Data-Driven Innovation community of practice is led by Dr Mariale Moreno, a data savvy innovator with ten years of experience in using and refining a mixed methods approach to interpret and analyse consumer data from digital and ethnographic sources to enable innovation. The community aims to be a pioneer in conducting transformational research and deliver educational programmes that could help organisations to make better decisions through the application of data-driven models that can drive meaningful innovations.

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Academic Lead: Dr Mariale Moreno

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