Circular Innovation

The transition towards a circular economy has been rapid over the last six years with a significant number of thought leaders and publications positioning it as the most dominating trend, biggest revolution and most significant opportunity for how we organise production and consumption in our global economy in 250 years. The Circular Economy, estimated to be worth $4.5 trillion to our global economy, has quickly taken hold amongst global industry leaders and innovative start-ups worldwide. However, the transition towards a Circular Economy is still in its infancy and challenges exist surrounding how we design circular products and services, how we create value throughout the supply chain from circular production and if consumers will accept new circular business models.

Cranfield University and the Centre for Competitive Creative Design are at the forefront of the Circular Revolution. As one of seven global pioneer universities, recognised by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation we undertake transformative research to address global challenges facing our society, environment and economy and develop innovative educational programmes to nurture leaders of the future. The Circular Innovation community of practice brings together academics from across the fields of design, engineering, management and technology, in collaboration with our industry partners across industrial sectors, to implement Circular Innovation approaches.

Cranfeild and Circular Economy

The Circular Innovation community of practice is led by Dr Fiona Charnley who is a thought leader in circular innovation and leads multiple research projects across the areas of design, manufacture and technology to enable the transition towards a circular economy. Although still growing, our community already has a number of case studies demonstrating the application of circular innovation across sectors including Consumer Goods, Textiles and Automotive. Additionally we are developing a portfolio of online and face to face short courses for individuals who want to develop a better understanding of how to generate value for their business, up-skill to enable alternative career paths and those who want to explore circular entrepreneurship.

Take a look at our projects which demonstrate how we apply circular innovation:

Academic Lead: Dr Fiona Charnley

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