Rethinking design and business innovation

The Centre for Competitive Creative Design (C4D) at Cranfield is an internationally recognised and award-winning centre of excellence for creative design, strategy and leadership. 

Through our postgraduate programme, we develop forward thinking professionals with the ability to integrate creativity and design thinking in the business functions of management, engineering, communication and commerce. 

C4D develops innovative 

design thinkers who have 

the capabilities and skills 

to draw new connections 

between questions, 

problems, and ideas from unrelated fields.

We operate globally, integrating creativity into business and are acknowledged as a trusted brand for industry in delivering high-impact research. We work with organisations to improve their capabilities to identify new insights and translate them into commercially successful solutions through informed creativity. Our graduates go on to be thought leaders and CEO’s of creative companies leading disruptive innovation and transformational research. We continually engage with business and influence industrial and academic design-thinking practices to improve their capabilities to translate insights into commercially successful outcomes.

We are leading pioneering research in the fields of strategic creativity, the Circular Economy, and breakthrough innovation. We integrate educational and research activities to develop new commercial practices. Our approach has made us the design partner of choice for global brands and innovative businesses. The Centre collaborates with international organisations such as Procter and Gamble, Cisco, Oxfam, Whirlpool, SAB Miller and IBM to develop leading edge tools and innovative product and service solutions.

Our current research deals with the grand challenges that influence design policy, idea management, insight development and sustainable design. Our research expertise is underpinned by our unique "visual thinking" tools and techniques that help develop the capability to systematically collect, cluster and decode insights.

We believe in the value of ‘design-thinking’ and in doing so provide a new strategic offering to organisations that strive to build and implement new consumer-experiences. This philosophy blends together our excellent teaching and research practice to make dreams a reality. We do this by integrating ‘strategic creativity’ into business through product and service innovation.

Our people

For information on our current research and programs read our communities of practice and research pages 

Our Alumni

All of our graduates go onto pursue successful careers in industry and academia, and we continue to foster this relationship through our alumni network page on Linkedin which showcases the variety of the sectors and organisations our graduates work within.